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What is BTCEN?

BTCEN combines gaming, supply network, energy drink and crm systems under its roof. The project promises security and profit to its investors with branches of coins it supports.


Create your wallet, carry your investment to the future.


BTCEN has a structure that can be easily bought with other coins.


Why Choose Our Token?

Easy Payment

You can easily take your place in our project by clicking the Buy token button.

Security & control over money

Your payments and files are safe.

Protect your Privacy

Your privacy is guaranteed. All your data is encrypted and stored.

Earning System

Take your place in the BTCEN system, which attracts attention with its multiple projects and gains.



We incorporate blockchain technology into your life.

Energy Drink

With our energy drink project, you will win while drinking and at the same time, you will gain privileges in our game project.

Supply Network

We test our blockchain supply software with our energy drink and take steps to put businesses ahead.


Our game that you will win while playing and have fun at the same time is coming soon.

Crm Software

How about the crm system on the blockchain? You are in the right place.

BTCEN Rating

BTCEN Rating

BTCEN Platform

We work diligently
to complete each project.

BTCEN plans to bring a different perspective to the industry in the new internet age by using the blockchain infrastructure. The concept of physical files, which existed in the old period, allows people to have digital files with the new internet age, and thanks to this, they enable them to make payments in different areas with this technology. It was the beginning of a great era that digital files were simply identifiable and tradable.

Now it's time to move on to the next step. BTCEN, brings a new perspective to the supply industry by integrating files into crm, tokenization, e-commerce, and erp modules.

Token Rating

BTCEN Choice

BTCEN starts ico.

Secure Payment

BTCEN is here to protect your files and investments. You can securely pay to be included in our project.

Universal Access

One of the biggest advantages of blockchain technology is that it is universal. BTCEN can receive and make payments from anywhere in the world.

Early Bonus Paid

Pre-sale has started in our project. You can immediately become a BTCEN owner and benefit from early participation advantages and bonuses.

Several Profit Token

As BTCEN walks towards its goal with more than one project, you can take your place in the pre-sale and take part in this story.

Road Map

Our Strategy & Roadmap

BTCEN continues all its projects rapidly.

Q2 2022


Token Pre-Sale

Blockchain integration

Q3 2022

Exchange Dex Listing

DeX Listing

Mobile App

X-Aim Pre Sale

Q4 2022

Listing CEX


Coin Burning

Q1 2023

BCS Code System


Q2 2023

Energy Drink

Blockchain Supply Network

Q3 2023

Global Exchange


Q4 2023

Metaverse Shop

Coin Burning

Q1 2024

Partnership Agreements


1 BTCEN = 0.12 USD

  • 56%Token Sale
  • 24%Pre Sale
  • 10%Marketing
  • 10%Team

Our iOS and Android applications will be published soon.

Within the application, you will be able to manage all transactions such as purchase transfer, balance viewing.


Meet Our Expert Team

Damir Hajdić

Front End Developer

Denis Lukavačkić

Project Advisor

Piyachai Wonglakon

Community Manager

Piyanut Wonglakhon

Blockchain Developer


Mine Full Trader

Trade Platform

Change Now

Exchange platform

Crypto Tron

Exchange and Shop

Trade Crypto Coins

Crypto Platform

BTCEN Partners?

BTCEN creates its projects by using the products of the companies listed below in order to grow and become stronger.

IBM Storage

For the X-aim game, we will use the ibm game server.


For the X-aim game, we are working on unity.

AWS Cloud

We carry out our blockchain-related developments through Aws.


The token of our X-aim game will be tested and used on the solana network.


BTC will be broadcast over erc using ethereum protocols.


The supply network of our energy drink and btcen will work on multichain.


Frequently asked Questions

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  • What is BTCEN

    Btcen is a new system that moves real trading to the blockchain system with three different levers. It combines energy drink, bcs (Blockchain Code System), and X-aim and offers users a wide range of investment opportunities.

  • How can I participate in the ICO Token sale?

    You can make a purchase by creating an account on a central exchange and transferring BNB to your meta mask or trustwallet wallet.

  • What happens to the tokens which are left unsold?

    Only the sold token will be created and issued. For example, if the 40% of the tokens are sold in the first round, then only 40% will be generated, diminishing the total token pool from 1 billion to 900 million.

  • What happens if I don’t sell the smart?

    It is completely your choice, whatsoever you want to do with that token, as it’s an elastic document indeed. However, rolled has been the most common choice so far.


  • Which network does the token use?

    BTCEN aims to use more than one smart network. We use Binance Smart Chain for pre-sale. We plan to create your own network when our project progresses.

  • How good is the team behind the project?

    HWe have a team dedicated to the project. Technically, we have the power to fulfill our promises.

  • Is there actually a need for a token?

    Btcen needs a token because it aims for a sustainable structure. In cases such as the implementation of procurement and the removal of all interruptions in pay systems, the token is essential for the project.

  • Does blockchain make sense?

    Blockchain is great for some applications such as supply-chain, P2P financial transactions, and data security.


  • What is ICO

    An initial coin offering (ICO) is an event where a company sells a new cryptocurrency to raise money. Investors receive cryptocurrency in exchange for their financial contributions.

  • What is X-aim?

    It will drag you into the world of dragons, which we have named X-Aim. A play To Earn game that will give you a win with Btcen and its own token.

  • What is Blockchain Code System?

    BCS is a system of complex codes that we will place on energy drink lids. With this code, you will be able to earn money in the world of Btcen and X-Aim.

  • What is Supplychain dApp

    With our supply chain application, we are working on a system where all suppliers can manage their product tracking and supply status from a single screen. With this application, a system will be created that all food companies can use in their supply.


  • Why is the energy drink produced ?

    Holisticly coordinate highes standards in communities rather than cute ures. Distinctivelys supply highly efficients networks for integrated fors vize adaptive value through enabled

  • Mining

    Our energy drink market and consumers are growing. We will finish the move to our own chain system. As a result, consumers will be able to make money by mining the codes in the lids With BTCEN's vending machines, you'll be able to buy drinks with tokens from anywhere and mine with the passwords hidden beneath the cover. These vending machines can also be used to purchase BTCEN and ALT currencies.

  • Improved User Privacy Control

    CRM systems will need to alter how they manage consumer data to accommodate growing concerns about personal data protection. Blockchain gives rise to the concept of a self-sovereign identity due to its decentralized and secure nature. It can save and encrypt personal information and check any feature without disclosing it to third parties. Users have more control over their identities as a result of this

  • E Commerce

    By creating our energy drink store, trading on Btcen, we will remove all the obstacles in the middle and reach the whole world.



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